What's Your Damage?

What's Your Damage? Skate Leash

What's Your Damage? Skate Leash

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What's Your Damage? Skate Leashes are FUN FUN FUN: funky, fun, and functional! Designed using our own logo created by Tina (Gunn-a-Getcha) and manufactured by none other than Derby Laces!

Your skate leash is versatile: Carry your skates, yoga mat, or a blanket to the park for a picnic. It also doubles as a handy yoga strap to assist you in your yoga practice. Handmade right here in Ontario, featuring fun and colourful prints & designs, they add the perfect embellishment to your skate ensemble.

Convenient roller skate leash. Simply loop the the loop on each end to create adjustable loops that will fit over your skates, lift from the center of the strap to tighten, throw them over your shoulder and you are all set!


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