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What's Your Damage?

S1 Lifer Helmet Terry Wide Liner

S1 Lifer Helmet Terry Wide Liner

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What’s Your Damage?  You’re a sweaty betty.  

Damage Control: You need this! Or maybe two… one to wash one to wear!

Replace your S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liners with durable, washable and sweat absorbing Terry Liners.

The S1 Lifer Terry Liner is a sewn terry cloth replacement sizing liner for the Lifer Helmet.  The terry cloth is sewn onto the liner, and sealed at the ends. It covers the front and back of the liner so it doesn’t break down as fast as the standard Lifer sizing liners. It’s got dog years in durability!

The terry cloth absorbs more sweat and (bonus), it’s washable.  We recommend rinsing the Terry Liner under cold running water with or without light soap, wringing them out and air drying them.

The sizing of the S1 Lifer Terry Liner is exactly the same as the standard liners and are compatible with all of the Lifer Helmet Shells including the standard Lifer, Mini Lifer and Mega Lifer.

One set of Terry Liners come with a back and front sizing liner.

Sizing Guide:

Use a soft tape measure to measure the circumference (around) your head and inch above your eyebrows. Keep the tape straight and level from front to back.

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