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Moxi Fundae Wheels (4 Pack)

Moxi Fundae Wheels (4 Pack)

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With these wheels, everyday is FUNDAE! A smooth blend of urethane that rolls from street to park. Fundae wheels are 57 mm in diameter and 34mm wide and come in the following cream swirl colors:

  • Lavender (purple)
  • Bubble Gum (pink)
  • Birthday Cake (blue)
  • Creme de Menthe (teal green)

Recommended for:

  • slick park surfaces
  • those new to ramps
  • streets and outdoors
  • those experienced in the streets and want more speed!

Classic outdoor wheels are much too blubbery for the skate parks and harder park wheels are difficult to do much else with so we created Fundae wheels. Both salty and sweet, Moxi's Fundae hybrid street and skate park wheels are a unique combination: Shaped for the SKATE PARK, poured for the STREETS.

Don't want to stop to change your wheels for different surfaces? That's why Moxi planned for nonstop, all-day long excursions with these Fundae wheels.  Fundae formula is FAST and resilient on asphalt and sidewalk commuting. It holds its shape for transitioning floors at skate parks. The shape of the wheel is narrow enough to pivot safely out of bails and carved in a way to avoid getting caught up on the coping.

  • Wheel Size: 57mm
  • Hardness: 92A
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