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Derby Laces SPARK METALLIC 7-9 mm

Derby Laces SPARK METALLIC 7-9 mm

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SPARK Metallic Derby Laces 7-9mm

Derby Laces has spent several years developing this metallic lace. These laces are 7-9mm wide and are suitable for roller skates, ice skates, and shoes. They are made out of high quality polyester that has been braided for strength and durability. They have a metallic sheen to them that is truly remarkable. The metallic qualities of these laces cause them to create a slight friction in the lacing process giving them a lot of the positive features of the waxed laces. They stay tied and tight and where you want them, while being easier to unlace quickly.  They have a hardened plastic tip with the word SPARK on them. They are available in all sizes from 27” - 120”. For optimal performance, we recommend changing the SPARK laces every 4-6 months, depending on use.  If you are looking for a specific colour or length not seen here, please email us, we can special order them for you.


  • DURABLE FIBRE - Derby Laces are braided from a blend of high quality, high tenacity fibres. They are exceptionally soft, have high tensile strength, and are resistant to abrasion and moisture.
  • ATTRACTIVE COLOURS - Derby Laces are available in a large variety of attractive colours and designs. Derby Laces are constantly expanding their selection of colours and sizes to suit the needs of our skaters.

The following table can be used to estimate your lace length.  It is best to measure your existing skate lace for best results.

Hole pairs

Shoelace length


27 inches


30 inches


36 inches


40-45 inches


54 inches


60 inches


72 inches


84-99 inches


96-108 inches


120 inches


160+ inches

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